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Paper Bag Monster Puppets Craft – Mama of Minis

These paper bag monster puppets make the perfect Halloween monster craft for kids. They make a great craft for all ages and are fun to play with and enjoy after creating them.

For this craft, you will need a few simple materials. You will need a brown paper lunch bag, a glue stick, scissors, and construction paper in different shapes and sizes. You may also want crayons or markers if you desire to decorate them additionally.

These adorable Monster Crafts make a great Halloween craft for the classroom, Halloween party craft, or fun project leading up to Halloween to create with kids. For another fun Halloween craft for kids be sure to also check out these tape resist painted pumpkins.

Paper Bag Monster Puppet

Tips for Success

*To give little ones a variety and make the monsters look different cut out all sorts of shapes and sizes of pieces. Some ideas for pieces could be white and black circles for eyes, triangles of all different sizes and colors, rectangles for the bodies, smaller rectangles for the heads, antennae of different colors and shapes, small rectangular lines for stripes, black or red mouth pieces, and more.

*Allow little ones to choose the number of eyes, antennae, and other pieces they want. Let them glue them on where they desire. This will make the completed project more original and fun.

*Once monsters are finished allow them to stick their hands in the bag and use them as puppets for plays.

*When we create rectangles for the body we like to make them the same size as the side of the bag. Then we can glue them on and the monster can have a colored body. For the Monster’s head, we like to make the rounded rectangles slightly bigger than the bottom of the bag. This will allow for some overhang to glue pieces on as well as more room to fit additional eyes, and other pieces.

Paper Bag Monster Puppets for Pretend Play

Paper Bag Monster Puppets Craft


  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors


1. Cut out large white circles for eyes, small black circles for eyes, small white triangles for teeth, a red or black semi-circle for a mouth, a large rectangle for the body, a smaller rounded rectangle for the head, antennae, and any other details desired.

2. Allow children to choose pieces and put their monsters together. Glue the body and head rectangles on the brown paper bag.

3. Glue eyes, mouth, teeth, and antennae on top of the monster’s headpiece.

4. Glue details on the body as desired. This may include stripes, triangles, etc…

5. Insert your hand into the top of the bag and use it as a monster puppet.

Paper Bag Monster Puppets Craft Pin

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