Father’s Day Tie Craft Gift Wrapping

Jun 7, 2021

This Father’s Day tie craft is the perfect way to gift wrap a present for Dad, Grandpa, or any special man in your child’s life this Father’s Day. It is a great craft for kids ages 2-12 and Dad will love how even the bag his present comes in can be the perfect Father’s Day keepsake!

When I taught Kindergarten, this was the perfect project to do with the class for Father’s Day. We would plan ahead and start these before school lets out so we could send them home closer to Father’s Day.

We’d make these craft bags and fill out a questionnaire (one of many different ones found on teachers pay teachers) with all about Dad questions. Then we would roll up the questionnaires, stuff them inside of the craft bags, and staple them shut.

This is the perfect craft to make with a group or to make at home with your individual children. We made these crafts at home and then wrapped both Dad’s and Grandpa’s presents in them. They both loved the personalized touch!

If you are doing a craft or project that you want to wrap in this bag be sure to have it ready when you are making these bags. You will need to insert the gift into the bag before stapling it shut and adding on the tie.

Father's Day Tie Craft

When creating this project you’ll need to make sure that you have white cardstock as well as scissors, the tie template, a standard size brown lunch bag, a stapler, and colorful crayons/markers/oil pastels. If your little ones want to embellish their ties as well you may also want foam stickers, glitter, and whatever else they choose.

This craft is a simple and quick one so you will only need 15 minutes or so to complete it depending on your child’s age.

If you are interested in creating another Father’s Day keepsake to stuff the bags with be sure to also check out these handprint mason jars. They are the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even a thank you gift for teachers. Instead of stuffing them with flowers, you could also create a mug version, pencil holder for his desk, or any other handprint keepsake Dad may like.

Another great Father’s Day gift bag stuffer would be this super fun Father’s Day questionnaire. Fill out fun answers about Dad and Dad will love looking back on the answers as your child gets older and older.

Father's Day Tie Craft Steps

Father’s Day Tie Craft Gift Wrapping


  • White cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Markers/crayons/oil pastels
  • Foam Stickers, glitter glue, sequins, etc… (optional)
  • Standard size brown paper lunch bag
  • PDF template
  • Stapler


1. Print out the template PDF at the bottom of the post.

2. Color and decorate the tie template in whichever way is desired and let dry if needed. 

3. Cut out the decorated tie. 

4. On the backside of your brown paper bag, write Happy Father’s Day! Love, your child’s name.

5. Open the brown paper lunch bag and stuff it with your Father’s Day present or keepsake. Be sure to leave at least 2 inches of space at the top with the present inserted.

6. Keeping the side folds in the correct spot, pinch the brown paper bag closed at the top. 

7.  Starting on the left side, about an inch from the top cut into the pinched together sides about two inches and stop. 

8. Directly across from the previous cut, cut into the pinched together sides on the right side of the bag about two inches. You should be left with around 1 inch of the bag in between the two cut lines. 

9. Center the top part of the tie on the space left between cuts. 

10. Fold the left side in and over the tie to look like one side of a collar. Repeat with the right side. 

11. Staple the bag, and two sides of the collar together. Then you can stand up your Father’s Day present and it will be complete!

Father's Day Tie Craft



Hi, I'm Rachael. I am a kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two sweet girls.
  1. Dee

    Such a cute idea! Will definitely be doing that with my daughter this week!
    Thanks again!

    • Rachael

      Thank you so much! I hope she enjoys it!


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