Father's Day Questionnaire Template for Kids

Free Printable Father’s Day Questionnaire

This free Father’s Day questionnaire makes the perfect Father’s Day gift or birthday present for Dad or Grandpa. It includes a free questionnaire template and works great on its own or mounted onto paper and framed for Dad or Grandpa.

It makes a great keepsake memory and can be done with your own children for Dad or Grandpa or used in the classroom as a send-home gift for Dad.

This All About Dad Father’s Day questionnaire is fishing-themed and includes an option with or without a colored border. It also includes options for both Dad and Grandpa.

This Father’s Day survey works best when young children dictate answers and you write down what they say. With older children, they can fill in the answers on their own and you can write the correct spelling underneath if needed. It works great for kids in preschool, kindergarten, grade school, and up.

For a similar sweet treat-themed Mother’s Day questionnaire check it out here. You can also find a fun Father’s Day gift idea if you head over to this Father’s Day tie craft.

All About Dad Father's Day Questoinnaire PDF

Father’s Day Questionnaire Tips for Success

This activity pairs great with books all about Dad. Read a Father’s Day book first and then have little ones brainstorm why they love Dad and what makes him unique.

*There are free templates for questionnaires for both Dad and Grandpa. If you desire another name feel free to send me an email and I can switch it out with uncle, neighbor, brother, etc, and send it back.

Grandpa Questionnaire Template for Kids

Printable Father’s Day Questionnaire


  • Free Father’s Day Questionnaire Template
  • 9×12 inch cardstock or construction paper for mounting
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Crayons

Father’s Day Questionnaire Directions

  1. Print out a copy or copies of the free All About Dad fill-in-the-blank template.
  2. Have children dictate (or write in the answers if capable) to the fill-in-the-blank questions about Dad or Grandpa.
  3. If printing in black and white have children color in the clip art images.
  4. Mount on color-coordinating cardstock or construction paper.
  5. Roll or fold up and tie with a ribbon. Add the rolled-up survey to Father’s Day Tie bag if desired.
  6. Give to Dad or Grandpa for their birthday or Father’s Day.

Free Father's Day Questionnaire Printable PDF

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