Arctic Animals Crafts for Kids Cover

Arctic Animal Crafts for Kids

These arctic animal crafts for kids are the perfect way to teach little ones about many different winter animals. Children can learn how to make an arctic fox, arctic hare, polar bear, and snowy owl.

Included down below are instructions to make many different winter animal crafts. Using a fork and white paint you will create the body and can then print out the free PDF animal template and choose which animal to create (or all if desired).

These super-simple polar animal crafts are the perfect addition to a preschool arctic animals unit or work great when learning about animals in a Kindergarten classroom. They are also a fun winter animals craft for toddlers or can be used with older students as well. Great for all ages!

Arctic Animal Crafts for Kids Pin

When creating these winter animals, we love to pair them with a fun activity on blubber and learn about how arctic animals stay warm. If you’re in the mood for warmer weather and want to do other animal crafts be sure to also check out these zoo animal paper crafts or these fun farm animal crafts for kids

Arctic Animal Crafts for Kids

Arctic Animal Crafts for Kids


  • Plastic fork
  • Paper plate
  • White paint
  • Large blue pieces of construction paper
  • Arctic animal craft template (find here)
  • Coloring utensils


1. Print out the PDF template found above or at the bottom of the page on white paper, color, and cut out desired animal pieces of choice. 

2. Using a paper plate filled with white paint and a fork, fork paint a large white circle onto the blue construction paper. Dip the bottom of the fork into the white paint and stamp in a circle shape onto the blue paper to do this. 

Fork Painting Craft for Kids

3. While the paint is still wet, stick the pieces of the arctic animal’s face to the paint in desired spots. Be careful not to smudge the paint in the process. (If you’ve waited too long and the paint has dried you can always glue them down later instead).

4. Once the paint has dried draw on any additional details. This might include legs to the owl, a mouth/face to the bear or fox if desired, etc…

Arctic Animals Crafts for Kids Pin

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  1. That is such a clever idea! and I have to say those pictures turned out amazing! I’m going to give this ago with my nephew thank you for sharing x

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