The Mitten Winter Sensory Bin

Jan 21, 2022

This winter sensory bin is the perfect sensory bin and literacy activity to go with the story “The Mitten” written by Jan Brett. It is a great way to sequence the story and allows young children the opportunity to play and explore different sensory items at the same time.

To make this sensory bin you can use all sorts of different sensory materials depending on what you have on hand (colored rice/pasta, cotton balls, Q-tips, pom-poms, puffballs, etc…). Then simply add scoops, spoons, a mitten, and print and cut out the animals included in the free template below.

For other fun sensory bin activities be sure to check out this fizzy play tray or this Eric Carle-themed Hungry Caterpillar sensory bin. Sensory play is the best!

The mitten winter sensory bin

The Mitten Sensory Bin Set-Up Tips

Begin the activity by reading the book “The Mitten” aloud to children. After you are finished throwing all of the materials together simply let the children play and explore. Keep the book nearby in case they want to use it to see the order of the animals in the mitten.

You can hide the animals under all of the sensory items for a challenge for older children or simply scatter them around. Even if you haven’t read the story to younger children (or their attention span isn’t long enough for a book of this length yet) they will still enjoy playing with all of the winter-themed animals and finding them in the sensory bin.

This sensory book play activity will make the perfect The Mitten themed preschool activity, or is great for a snowy day activity for toddlers as well as kindergarteners. It is great fun for all ages.

The Mitten Themed Sensory Bin

The Mitten Winter Sensory Bin

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  • Bin or tray
  • Spoons
  • Scoops
  • Blue or white-colored rice or pasta
  • White puff balls
  • Cotton balls
  • Blue and/or white jewels, other misc. sensory items
  • Mitten
  • Animals from below PDF template (printed and cut out)


  1. Begin by filling the bottom layer of your tray with your smallest blue/white sensory filler (rice, etc…)
  2. Add additional sensory fillers on top of the first layer (pasta, puffballs, etc…)
  3. Print and cut out animals from included PDF and hide or scatter in the sensory bin.
  4. Add scoops, spoons, and the mitten on top of the finished bin.
  5. Allow children to explore, sequence, scoop, etc…for as long as desired.

The Mitten activity for preschoolers


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