DIY Thankful Turkey Placemat Craft Cover

DIY Thankful Turkey Placemat for Kids

This adorable thankful turkey placemat makes the perfect table decoration for Thanksgiving. It is simple and easy and can be made by kids of all ages starting preschool and up.

This Thanksgiving craft focuses on teaching thankfulness for the people we have in our lives as well as helps to spruce up the table at Thanksgiving dinner. Pair it with a thankfulness book and you hae the perfect Thanksgiving craftivity for kids.

To make this Thanksgiving placemat, you will need construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, googly eyes, and crayons or markers. For other Thanksgiving crafts for kids be sure also to check out this list of tons of thankfulness crafts.

DIY Thankful Turkey Placemat

DIY Thanksgiving Placemat Tips for Success

*For younger children you can cut out and prep the pieces ahead of time for them. Then they can glue them altogether.

*For older children you can have them draw, cut out, and put the pieces together.

*This project may take multiple sessions of work to put together. Because you’ll need to draw and cut out the pieces, put together the placemat, write the message, and draw who you are thankful for, each placemat may take a while. We like to spread out the different jobs when making these turkey placemats.

*When drawing the person you are thankful for on your plate you can start out by reading a book on thankfulness to teach exactly what it is.

Thanksgiving Turkey Placemat for Kids

DIY Thankful Turkey Placemat for Kids


  • Brown, orange, yellow, and red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Googly Eyes
  • Markers or crayons


1. Trace and cut out a kid’s sized plastic plate onto white construction paper.

2. Trace around a spoon, fork, and plastic knife onto white construction paper and cut them out.

3. Glue them from left to right onto a piece of brown 9×12″ construction paper in this order: fork, plate, knife, spoon.

Tracing Thanksgiving Placemat

4. Draw a large circle onto brown construction paper (trace a bowl if needed). Glue it to the back of the middle of the brown construction paper place setting sheet.

5. Cut out 7-8 feathers from orange, red, blue, yellow, or brown construction paper and glue them to the back of the circle shape for the head.

6. Cut out an orange triangle and red squiggly wattle shape and glue them to the middle of the circle shape.

7. Glue or stick on the googly eyes above the orange triangle beak.

Gluing Thanksgiving Place mat

8. Write the words: “I am thankful for” on the top of the white plate shape.

9. Draw a photo of the person you’re thankful for in the middle of the plate and write their name on the bottom of the placemat.

10. Laminate the placemats for optional durability if you have access to one. Use them to decorate the table at Thanksgiving dinner.

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey Place mat

If you love this Thanksgiving placemat and are interested in another fun Fall version of it be sure to also check out this Thanksgiving placemat craft for kids.

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