Unicorn Party Ideas on a Budget Cover

Unicorn Party Ideas on a Budget

These unicorn party ideas on a budget are the perfect way to celebrate a little one’s birthday while saving some money. Scroll down on ideas for unicorn themed food, a unicorn craft, a free unicorn thank you note template, and unicorn party decoration ideas.

Recently, our oldest turned 4 years old and we searched high and low for ideas for a unicorn themed birthday party for her. She insisted she wanted rainbows and unicorns so that is exactly what we gave her.

She had a blast and everyone loved the unicorn theme she’d picked out. Now we are sharing some of our favorite ideas that helped make her party great while not costing a lot of money.

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Unicorn Themed Food Ideas

The majority of our food for parties tends to be things that are quick and easy to prepare ahead of time. We love to make these ham and cheese sliders (even though they don’t always match the theme) and buy things in bulk from Costco (have you had their mac & cheese?!).

The rest of the food ideas we tried to make match the unicorn theme. Some of our favorites included these Unicorn themed dirt cups, a rainbow-themed fruit tray, a rainbow vegetable tray, and unicorn-themed cake and cupcakes.

We found these unicorn-themed cupcake decorating kits on Amazon for our unicorn cupcakes and unicorn candles at Walmart that looked awesome on our cake. It made it so simple to make a double-tiered cake and frost and then stick in the candles. Check it out below!

Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorn Party Decorations

We went back and forth between buying a whole pack of unicorn-themed party decorations, DIY unicorn decorations, or splitting things up and purchasing different items from different stores.

Because of our current resources, we had a lot of things saved from precious parties that could be reused. We ended up reusing a lot of our decorations and purchasing a few small things. 

We went to Target where we got a rainbow balloon arch (for $3.00) and a unicorn tablecloth, Walmart where we purchased unicorn napkins and plates, and Dollar Tree where we bought two unicorn helium balloons. The rest of the items we reused or made ourselves. The decorations turned out great.

Our brother also brought along a unicorn pinata from Target which was a hit with the little ones and doubled as an activity and a decoration.

Unicorn Party Decorations

Unicorn Outfit

Our four year old wanted the perfect unicorn outfit for her party so we looked high and low and settled on one from Amazon. It was a tough choice as we found a lot of great ones. Check out all of our favorites below.

Unicorn Craft

We made this unicorn craft a year or so ago but found it was the perfect craft to entertain the kids at the party. It is inexpensive to buy the materials (foam stickers, paper plate, construction paper) and print out the template and kids can decorate them how they wish.

We set up a little table with the materials needed and an example and gave the kids free rein to create their own unicorn paper plates. You can also add a popsicle stick to the bottom and have them be unicorns for playing pretend. It made the perfect party craft!


Unicorn Activity Ideas

For fun unicorn-themed activities for a birthday party, we created our own unicorn playdough kits but there are other awesome ideas you can do too.

Unicorn Face Painting

Look up how to facepaint unicorns on YouTube, order a face painting kit for cheap offline or from a party store, and offer guests the chance to get their face painted like a unicorn. If unicorns are too difficult you could always face paint rainbows as well.

Unicorn Musical Chairs

Set up chairs for musical chairs and play unicorn songs found on YouTube. Add a large unicorn photo to one of the chairs and kids can circle around the chairs prancing like unicorns until the music stops. Whoever is the first one to sit on the unicorn chair once the music stops wins.

Unicorn Playdough Kit

Make your own DIY playdough to have large batches of it perfect for a party, add in some glitter, and unicorn pieces. Add cookie cutters, rollers, and more and you have the perfect easy activity for a unicorn-themed birthday party on a budget. These would also make great take-home unicorn-themed party favors.

Unicorn Themed Playdough Tray for a Party

Unicorn Party Favor Ideas

You can throw together some super simple party favors using supplies found at the dollar store or on Amazon. Purchase unicorn themed bags and add in small unicorn themed toys, trinkets, accessories, and more.

Add in rainbow-colored candy, unicorn coloring pictures, and more to make the cutest unicorn themed party favors on a budget. Check out some of the items below to see what we would add to our unicorn party favors:

Unicorn Thank You Cards

After the party was over we had our four-year-old write out unicorn thank yous and send them to the party guests. We created this free template online and had her fill in the name of one of the gifts she received from each person (with a lot of assistance) and then draw a picture underneath.

We included a version for those who came to the party and those who sent gifts but couldn’t make the party. She loved working on them with us and loved the cute unicorn images at the top.

Overall it was a low-cost, great theme for a party and we are so glad we went with what she wanted. She loved it and had the best time and we hope your little ones enjoy the theme too!

Unicorn Birthday Ideas on a Budget

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  1. Unicorn is an interesting party theme idea! The cake looks too lovely to be eaten. I had a dress like that as a child, just remembered.

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