Paper Plate Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

Aug 10, 2023

This paper plate cotton ball sheep craft is the perfect cute and fluffy sheep craft for toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school-age children. It uses simple materials found around the home and can be completed quickly.

For this paper plate sheep craft, you will need a paper plate (the standard white ones), cotton balls, a glue bottle, construction paper (in tan or white), and a brown marker.

This cotton ball paper plate sheep craft would make an awesome craft for a unit on farm animals, great baby animals craft, or just an all-around summer craft for kids. It would also make a great craft to make before or after a visit to the local farm or petting zoo.

For some more fun farm animal themed crafts and activities you can also check out these farm animal crafts for kids or this fun farm themed sensory bin.

Paper Plate Sheep Craft for Preschool

Tips for Success

*This cotton ball sheep craft is the perfect fine motor craft for kids. It uses scissors skills as well as the skills needed in squeezing a glue bottle.

*The glue bottle dots on this craft should be small but if children are still learning this skill it is great for that as large dots are okay too. This is still a difficult skill for preschoolers and toddlers and crafts like this sheep craft for kids really help them learn.

*The plates that work best for this farm animal sheep craft are the standard paper plates (not glossy). If you can’t find theses any other white paper plates should work as well.

**You can choose to let your project dry after adding on the cotton balls or you can proceed to the face right away. If you don’t let it dry first you may just have to be careful when putting the face and other details on so that the cotton balls don’t fall off.

Cotton Ball Sheep Craft for Toddlers

Paper Plate Cotton Ball Sheep Craft


  • Standard Paper Plate
  • White or tan construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue bottle
  • Brown or black marker
  • Cotton Balls


1. Add glue dots all around the inside of your paper plate. Cover the whole plate with dots roughly 1/2 inch apart.

2. Add cotton balls on top of each dot so they completely cover the paper plate. If you have empty spaces add more glue and more cotton balls.

3. Let the project dry.

4. Cut out a rectangle with rounded corners and glue it to the top of the cotton ball plate (in the middle).

5. Glue an oval onto each side of the construction paper rectangle for the ears.

6. Glue two smaller rounded rectangle shapes to the bottom of the project for the sheep’s legs/feet.

7. Using a brown or black marker, color the bottom 1/4 inch of the legs to make the feet.

8. Draw on eyes, a heart shaped nose, and a mouth to complete your sheep.

Paper Plate Cotton Ball Sheep Craft


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