Construction Paper Little Blue Truck Puppet Craft for Preschool

Mar 7, 2024

This adorable construction paper little blue truck puppet craft for preschool and kindergarten is the perfect craft to go with the Little Blue Truck books. It makes for a great pretend play once finished crafting and is an awesome literacy extension.

For this fun Little Blue truck book play craft you will need construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, a marker or crayon, and a brown paper bag.

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Little Blue Truck Craft for Kids

Little Blue Truck Puppet Craft Tips

*For this craft you will need to use royal blue, black, and grey construction paper. If you do not have gray construction paper as it is hard to find you can always color the pieces gray like the example shown. Both options turn out great.

Be sure to assist children on which way to glue their pieces on so they don’t glue their puppet upside down. This will prevent them from putting their hand in the correct opening to use it as a puppet.

This puppet craft goes great with the stories “Good Night, Little Blue Truck, Little Blue Truck, Little Blue Truck’s Springtime, Little Blue Truck’s Halloween, Little Blue Truck’s Christmas and more. 

*Make this fun puppet craft and use it in a sensory play tray related to the book or play pretend with the book. Use plastic animals along with the puppet to reenact the stories and have fun playing with it after it has been made.

Construction Paper Little Blue Truck Puppet Craft for Preschool

Puppet Little Blue Truck Craft for Kids


  • Royal blue, black and gray construction paper
  • Black pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Brown paper lunch bag


1. Cut out a large blue rectangle and glue it onto the front of the brown paper bag.

2. Cut out two small gray rectangles and one even smaller one for the windows of the little blue truck and glue them towards the top of the brown paper bag.

3. Cut out a skinny grey paper strip and another smaller and skinny gray paper strip with rounded top. Glue them towards the bottom of the little blue truck base in an upside down T shape. Leave about an inch of blue underneath them. This will make the front of the little blue truck.

Little Blue Truck Craft Steps

4. Cut out a small black skinny strip and glue it inside of the rounded white strip.

5. Cut out four small rounded rectangular shapes for the wheels and glue two to the front of the truck and two to the back of the truck on each side.

6. Cut out two small white circles for the eyes and glue them to each side of the upside-down T shape.

7.  Cut out a blue triangle shape with one tip cut off and glue it right above the upside-down T shape for the front of the truck. Cut out two blue shapes for the wheel wells and glue them above each wheel.

8. Draw on a frog driving the car with a green marker and the blacks of the eyes to complete your little blue truck puppet craft.

Paper Little Blue Truck Craft for Kids

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