Snack Holder Paper Plate Football Craft

Easy Snack Holder Paper Plate Football Craft

This super simple paper plate football craft for kids doubles as a fun snack holder for the big game this football season.

Make these football crafts out of paper plates and fill them up with popcorn, goldfish, pretzels, or any other salty snack. Keep them close by while you’re watching the big game with the family. Makes the perfect Superbowl party craft for kids of all ages.

These super cool football crafts also make a great craft to work on during the game for young children who can’t sit still and watch as long or a fun activity to do during a sports themed birthday party. For other fun football crafts be sure to also check out these paper sports crafts for kids.

Paper Plate Football Craft

Paper Plate Football Craft Tips

*For this craft you will need to use two standard white paper plates. To make a smaller football you can always use the smaller size as well. This one will not take as much snack inside of it to fill it up.

*For this football craft you will need paper plates, brown and white paint, scissors, a stapler, a hole punch, and two pipe cleaners.

*You will need to help your child with the stapling on this project if they are younger. Stapling can be tricky and can hurt if not done correctly.

*You will need to let the paint on the football dry completely before using it. This will make it safer to eat your snack out of. You should also not paint the inside of the football snack carrier.

Paper Plate Snack Holder Football Craft

Snack Carrier Paper Plate Football Craft


  • Brown and White Paint
  • Paper Plates
  • Hole Punch
  • Stapler
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Snack to Fill


1. Begin by painting the back side of two paper plates brown and let them dry.

2. Put the bottoms of the two plates together and staple all around the bottom half of the plates. You may need to help younger children with this part.

3. Cut the top 1/3 of the plates off in a football shape.

Football Craft Images

4. Paint on the white threads of the football. Flip the plates around and do the same things to the other side.

Football Snack Craft Directions

5. Hole punch the two top corners.

6. Tie on a pipe cleaner to each corner hole. Then twist to connect them at the top together.

7. Fill your finished football snack holder with any salty snack you desire.

Snack Holder Football Craft for Kids

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