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15 Warm and Cozy Winter Baby Essentials

Expecting a baby during the winter or looking for a list of the best winter items to keep your baby warm? This winter baby essentials list will help you find the perfect items to keep your baby warm, cozy, and content during the long cold months of winter.

Below you will find a list baby essentials for winter that includes cold weather baby gear, baby clothing, items for baby sleep, and other miscellaneous items to help baby stay cozy during the winter.

As a Wisconsin Mom of three little ones, as well, as a previous teacher and daycare worker, I know all the best tips and tricks to help keep babies warm during the cold winters. 

This list will help you keep those babies warm whether you need to go outside for school pickups, take your babies along on errands, or just keep them home and cozy. Read on for a list of the 15 best items I would recommend for babies during the cold winter months.

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15 Best Cold Weather Winter Essentials

Winter Baby Essentials

1. Car Seat Cover

One of the best items to help keep baby warm in their car seat is a good warm car set cover. Choose one that is safe for your baby and that won’t fall over their face.  We love the cozy ones by Skip Hop with the zipper up the side that makes it easy to get the baby in and out.

Because babies shouldn’t wear a coat in their car seats due to safety concerns this great car seat cover paired with a warm fleece sweatshirt will keep baby warm and cozy all car ride long and on the walk to and from the house.

2. Humidifier

Because the winters can get cold and dry a humidifier is a must-have in a winter baby’s room. It will help add moisture to the air and keep baby much more comfortable in the Winter.

3. Nose Frieda

Because the air in the inter gets so dry, winter babies are often stuffy.  That, paired with all of the germs and viruses more likely to be spreading during the winter, makes this Nose Frieda essential.

As a mom of stuffy newborns, this was a must-have for us. It helped us to unstuff our little ones quickly and make them more comfortable and happy in the cold dry months.

4. A Good Baby Carrier

Because you often times stay warmer than your baby, a good baby carrier will help you keep your baby close to you and share your body heat.  When going for walks  with a toddler and a newborn this comes especially in handy.

Just load up your baby in the carrier wearing a warm sweatshirt and add on a good baby wearing coat or carrier cover and baby will stay nice and toasty next to you.

5. Baby Wearing Coat/Sweatshirt OR Carrier Cover

The heat from a baby carrier will help keep your little ones warm. Pair it with a baby carrier coat (I absolutely loved mine and used it all the time with babies two and three), or a good carrier cover and your baby will stay warm and snug next to you. This is the perfect solution for outdoor walks and holiday events.

6. Soothing Lotion/Cream

Because of the dryness winter brings, babies will need a nice soothing lotion or cream. Their little skin dries out so quickly so everyday lotion or cream helps to keep them comfortable and their skin perfect. We love to use a good natural one and put it on before bed each night (or as needed).

7. Stroller Cover/Sleeping Bag

For active families that like to go for walks, hikes, and stay outside during the cold weather this stroller cover and sleeping bag is a lifesaver. Baby will stay so snug and warm in the stroller and the cover will stay on. You won’t have to worry about blankets that fall or slip down and baby can still see out and be a part of all the action.

Cold Weather Baby Clothing Essentials

8. Baby Snowsuit/Bunting

A good cold weather snowsuit is a must in places with snow. Our favorites are the ones that come with fold over feet and mittens to keep baby’s hands and feet extra warm as well. For families that may go out in the snow make sure to get a good waterproof one. 

The fleece buntings are awesome but not quite as warm. They also have fold over hands and feet. We used these for the car seat and outdoor activities where baby would be in the carrier or stroller and baby always stayed warm. I would highly recommend both a waterproof one and fleece ones.

9. Baby Booties

Babie Booties were a must-have baby item for us with the cold temperatures. Put them on top of socks when you leave the house to run errands, go shopping, go to a library storytime, or anywhere.

Because babies don’t wear shoes yet these are a great alternative. They are cozy, comfortable and keep baby’s feet warm. They stay on due to the elastic and velcro combination and are so stylish and cute.

10. Baby Mitts

These are a winter essential for newborns inside the home. They help keep baby’s hands warm as well as prevent babies from scratching themselves. Use these (or onesies with attached hand covers) to keep babies warm during the cold winter months at home.

I would recommend purchasing large packs of them because just like baby socks they always seem to disappear in our house!

11. Baby Cold Weather Hats and mittens

They make some super adorable baby hats and mitten sets for outdoors. If you are having a baby wear their hat in their car set be sure to purchase one that fits snug enough that it won’t fall over their face or eyes while driving.

We would recommend mittens that have no finger or thumb spots for young babies. They are much easier to put on and keep on.

12. Newborn Indoor Hats

Thinner hats to be worn indoors are a winter newborn essential. Babies lose a lot of heat from their heads when they are first born and these hats are awesome  to help keep your baby warm.

*Please make sure to check with your pediatrician before having baby wear a hat overnight. Hats could slip over baby’s face while sleeping if not worn safely.

13. Baby Onesies and Pajamas with foldover sleeves

These baby onesies and pajamas that had foldover sleeves were our favorites by far. Baby couldn’t wiggle their hands out of the sleeves when they were folded over like they can with gloves.

I never had to worry about washing extra pairs of mittens and losing them this way either. If an outfit came with foldover sleeves I would always choose it over another outfit. Definitely a winter baby essential item.

It was a bonus if the pajamas or outfit had fold over feet as well. The ones with this will fit your baby longer as you can unfold them once your baby gets too long.  Then just have your baby wear socks with them.

14. Warm and Cozy Sleep blankets and swaddles

We preferred to use the Halo Velcro swaddles when our little ones were newborns and the long-sleeved fleece Carter’s sleep sacks once they grew out of those. There are a ton of choices on the market for great sleep sacks and swaddles. We also loved the fleece version of the Zipadee Zip when transitioning between the two.

Be sure to choose warmer fleece ones or look at the tog when choosing ones for the winter over the summer. Each baby is different and may like different sleep sacks or swaddles.

15. Fleece clothing and outfit sets with layers

Nothing says cozy like fleece clothing. They make some pretty awesome fleece clothes for babies. These will help your baby stay warm and cozy on car rides, visits to other people’s houses, and places like library storytime.

Because you never know the temperature in places it is better to play it safe and dress your baby in lots of clothing layers that you can remove if your baby gets too hot.

While it is not a winter baby necessity, we would also recommend you purchase a stroller with all-terrain capabilities and an all weather shield. 

This will help so that even on those cold days where there may be snow on the ground you can bundle up baby and take them for a walk. You can get yourself and your baby outside for some much needed fresh air. Strollers with all-terrain wheel are awesome for  snowy days.

For multiple children we’d recommend the Wonderfold Wagon with all terrain wheels. For single-child families, we love the Jeep Cross-Country Stroller.

While these are my 16 favorite cold weather baby essentials of choice there are a lot of other important products to add to a baby registry as well. Some of the other must-haves for a registry that are not necessary cold weather related include:

  • Baby Crib/Bassinet 
  • Pack N’ Play
  • Car Seat
  • Stroller
  • Bottles  
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Boppy Pillow
  • First Aid Kit
  • Thermometer
  • High Chair
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottle Drying Rack
  • Wash clothes

If you have any more winter baby essentials recommendations please feel free to add a comment and let us know.

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