Easy Taylor Swift Craft for Kids

Fun and Easy Taylor Swift Craft for Kids

Do you have a little Taylor Swift lover at your house? If you do then this fun and easy Taylor Swift craft is perfect for you. This fun paper Taylor Swift craft for kids uses construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, and glitter to create a fun Taylor Swift themed craft that is perfect for kids of all ages.

Include your favorite Taylor Swift song names, some sparkly glitter, and your child’s handprint for a fun keepsake craft that is awesome to make for a Taylor Swift themed party or after watching the Era’s tour together.

Head on down for directions for this super fun Taylor Swift themed craft.

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Taylor Swift Bracelet Craft Tips for Success

*If making this Taylor Swift craft with younger children you can cut out and prep the pieces needed to assist them. You could also draw the pieces and have them cut them out if desired. Older children can do all of the cutting and drawing out independently.

*You can choose to use glitter or glitter glue for the nails or leave them without glitter if desired.

*The size of the white circular beads you cut out will depend on how long the song title names are that you want to use for the bracelets. The shorter the song title the larger your circles can be when prepping them.

*When completed we added the phrase “In my Swiftie Era” to the top to complete the craft. You can also change up the saying by inserting any other word instead of Swiftie.

*We used a pink piece of paper as the background for our project. You can also choose to use any other color piece of paper. A red piece of paper would go great with a play on Taylor’s song “Red.”

*You can choose to paint your child’s hand and upper arm and push it down on the paper. You can also choose to trace and cut out their hand. This is the way shown in the photo. Both ways look great.

Taylor Swift Handprint Craft For Kids

Taylor Swift Craft for Kids Directions


  • Construction paper in different colors
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Glitter or glitter glue
  • Markers or crayons


  1. Place your child’s hand on a skin colored piece of paper. Trace around your child’s hand with a pen or pencil.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Glue the hand on a piece of colored construction paper.
  4. Cut out five small semi circle pieces for the nails on the hands and glue them to the top of each finger tip.
  5. Add glue to the top of the nails and sprinkle glitter on top of each one. Shake off the excess glitter.
  6. Cut out small white circles for the letter beads. You will need one circle for each letter in the song titles you will need and any extra for details like hearts as shown.
  7. Glue your white circles from one side of the arm to the other. Write on your song title name.
  8. Using a pen draw a string that comes out of each end of the beads and make it look like it is looping around the arm.
  9. Complete this process to make another bracelet with a different song title.
  10. Using a marker or crayon add the “In My Swiftie Era” phrase or any other Taylor Swift themed phrase at the top. Add on music notes to complete your fun Taylor Swift craft.

Easy Taylor Swift Craft for Kids Pin

Additional Taylor Swift Party Ideas

This fun craft makes the perfect idea for a Taylor Swift themed birthday party. Check out below for some additional super fun T-Swift themed party ideas:

  • Taylor Swift karaoke – Set up a fun stage area with a balloon backdrop, put some songs on the tv or iPhone, add a disco ball, and dance and sing the night away together
  • Friendship bracelets – Get all the materials to make fun friendship bracelets including beads, letter beads, charms, and more. Set up a bracelet making station.
  • Coloring pages – Put out these awesome Taylor Swift themed coloring pages by “thebensonstreet”, crayons, markers, glitter, and more, and make a coloring station.
  • Taylor treats – Put out fun Taylor Swift themed foods with cute matching puns. Some fun ideas include: “Caramel is my boyfriend” caramels, “We are never getting back to Cheddar” cheese tray, “You belong with meatballs” and more.

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