DIY Bluey Halloween Costume Cover

DIY Bluey Costume for Kids

This DIY Bluey costume tutorial includes directions to make a simple and easy, inexpensive Bluey Halloween Costume. It also includes directions to make a Bingo Halloween costume in a similar way.

After searching far and wide for a Bluey costume option last year all we could find was a super expensive one or one that we were not big fans of. My daughter desperately wanted to be Bluey and we thought matching Bingo and Bluey costumes would be a fun choice. So we decided to DIY our Bluey and Bingo Halloween costumes.

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For this inexpensive Disney costume, all you will need is a blue or orange sweatshirt with a hood, felt in different colors, a permanent marker, the mask template found at, a hot glue gun, and optional blue or orange pants and shoes.

DIY Bingo and Bluey Halloween Costumes

Tips for Success

*You can choose to free-hand the pieces of felt or you can print the Bluey mask found on, cut out the pieces, and trace them onto the correct color of felt.

*You may need to print the mask a little smaller or larger to fit directly on the hood of your sweatshirt. This will depend on your child’s sweatshirt size.

DIY Bluey Halloween Costume

*The sweatshirt itself makes for a great costume. To complete the look you can also choose to purchase blue or orange sweatpants and shoes to go with the costume. This isn’t necessary however and helps keep the price of the overall costume lower without.

*For an even easier project, you can choose to make the mask of paper and then wear a blue or orange sweatshirt with the stomach and tail felt glued on. This can complete the costume. We prefer to make the costume with a felt mask glued on for a longer-lasting costume.

Homemade Bluey Halloween Costumes

DIY Bluey Costume for Kids

1. Print out the Bingo or Bluey mask template found HERE on cardstock.

2. Cut out each of the different pieces to use as tracers.

3. Using the pieces cut out as tracers, trace each piece onto a matching color of felt.

4. Hot glue all of the pieces for the mask together onto another piece of felt cut out to be the size and shape of the mask.

5. Hot glue the bottom of the middle of the mask onto the front of the hood of the sweatshirt. Hot glue two small pieces of wire or coat hanger to the back of each of the ears to help it stand up straight.

6. Cut out a large oval about the size of a standard piece of felt from either blue or tan felt (depending on if you are making bluey or bingo) and hot glue onto the stomach area of the sweatshirt.

7. Cut out two 2″ wide rectangles of felt for the arm cuffs (blue or tan depending on which character you are making) and glue them around the wrists of the sweatshirt.

8. Cut out a piece of felt in a pointed oval shape and glue the top of it to the inside of the back of the sweatshirt for a tail.

9. If desired put on blue or orange sweatpants and blue or orange shoes. Have your child wear their sweatshirt with the hood up and almost covering their eyes to complete the Bluey or Bingo costume.

DIY Bluey Costume

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