Best No Spill Sippy Cups for Toddlers and Babies

6 Best No Spill Sippy Cups for Babies and Toddlers

Looking for a list of awesome no spill sippy cups for babies and toddlers? Have babies and toddlers at home who are constantly spilling water around the house and trying to eliminate some of the mess? This list of 6 spill proof sippy cups gives the best cups that are mess free and perfect for both toddlers and babies.

As a mom of 3 under 5 years old as well as a previous daycare worker, we’ve used and seen a lot of sippy cups over the years. We’ve come to learn which ones are best for no spilling as well as which ones are easiest to clean with the least amount of parts to keep track of.

This honest sippy cup review list shows our top 6 picks for favorite sippy cups including suggestions, pros and cons, where you can buy them, and more. Everything from price to amount of pieces,  washing ease, and decoration has been taken into consideration.

Because sippy cups are used on a daily basis and for every young child, we’ve gone through a lot of sippy cups and come equipped with plenty of knowledge to share. Scroll down and check out our votes for the best spill proof sippy cups for toddlers and babies.

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Best Leak Proof Sippy Cups for Toddlers and Babies

6 Best No Spill Sippy Cups for Babies and Toddlers

1. Replay Spill Proof Sippy Cup

Our number one choice for the best spill proof sippy cups for toddlers and babies is the replay spill proof sippy cup. These awesome cups really are spill proof and so durable.

My kids have put these cups through the ringer and they have stayed exactly as we got them. They can tip them upside down, throw them, let them lay in their beds or on the floor, and they will not spill.

They have three pieces including a durable plastic bottom, a durable plastic top cover with a hard spout, and a silicone plug to prevent liquid from spilling.

They are easy to take apart and put back together when washing (and are dishwasher safe), and come in many bright colors. As an added bonus these cups are sustainable and made out of recycled materials.

They fit perfectly in cup holders and hold a lot of liquid in them. They are budget friendly and perfect for both babies and toddlers. We love this cup and it is awesome for preventing spills around the home.

Replay No Spill Sippy Cup


  • Super durable
  • Completely spill proof
  • Hard plastic made from recycled materials – sustainable
  • Comes in many bright colors
  • Budget friendly
  • Fits in most cup holders


  • Strong suction needed for drinking from it – may take a while for younger babies to get it down
  • Only comes in colors, not designs

2. Nuk Fun Grip Hard Spout Sippy Cup

These sippy cups are the perfect budget friendly hard spout sippy cups for toddlers. They have three parts, a hard plastic base, a hard spot cover, and a flow control valve plug that goes inside of the cover.

The unique shape makes it easy for toddlers to hold on their own while the hard spot makes it difficult to break or wreck by biting (which we’ve had happen to a lot of other softer spout cups).

We like these cups a lot. We’ve had good luck with no spills and they are durable and colorful. They’re easy to take apart, wash, and put back together and only have three pieces which is a lot less than other sippy cups.

Our only issue with these cups is that the flow control valves are smaller and easy to lose if you take them out to wash. Once the flow control valves come out then these cups are no longer spill proof. So as long as you keep good track of the valve plugs this makes an awesome option for no spill cups.

We do also find that many children’s cup holders do not fit the bottom of this cup. Because the bottom and tops of these cups are wider to help with grip they don’t fit in cup holders as easily. This isn’t a huge problem because they are no spill but something to take into consideration when purchasing your cups.

Nuk Fun Grip Hard Spout Sippy Cup


  • Spill proof
  • Hard spot makes it difficult to break by biting
  • Unique shape makes it easy for toddlers to grip
  • Three pieces that are easy to take apart and put back together
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes in lots of color options
  • Budget friendly


  • Control valve piece is small and can get lost easily – spills happen without the control valve
  • Larger bottom shape makes it difficult to fit in some cup holders

3. Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle

These Thermos Funtainer straw water bottles are the perfect sippy cup alternative for toddlers. We’ve had these since our little ones turned 1 years old but they can be used even earlier. These are spill-proof, keep things cold or warm, are durable, and come in super cute designs.

We love these so much and they are a favorite in our house. They are not a true sippy cup but they work great as an alternative and serve the same purpose.

These cups come with a stainless steel base, a straw, and a top cover that opens and closes with the push top button.

The push button design helps to keep the straw clean when not in use but it may be difficult for younger toddlers and babies to understand the concept and open and close it by themselves. My 20 month old is just now starting to be able to do it independently.

These come in just about any design you can possibly imagine and are easy to find at local retailers and online. They are a little more expensive than traditional sippy cups but they last a long time and are great quality.

All three of my children ages 1, 3, and 5 love theirs and they make a great birthday gift or gift for an Easter basket or Christmas.

Our only complaint about these water bottles is that while they are dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended. This is because the designs start to come off with multiple washes in the dishwasher (as you can see in the photo below).

The other thing worth mentioning is that the soft silicone straw spout could get wrecked by children’s biting over time and that this water bottle shape does have to be held upright to drink from. If toddlers are used to tipping their cups upside down to drink this may be confusing for them at first.

Thermos Funtainer Straw Bottle


  • Stainless steel bottom helps keep beverages cold for longer
  • Straw top good for toddler development and teeth
  • Lots of patterns and designs
  • Push top cover helps keep germs away from the top straw
  • Fits in cupholders
  • Is easy for toddlers to hold
  • Leak proof


  • Button cover may be difficult for younger toddlers and babies to understand/open independently
  • Straw can get chewed up or bitten after a while
  • Straw design may be difficult for babies who are used to tipping cup upside down to drink
  • Design can get washed off in dishwasher over time (hand washing helps)

4. The First Years Soft Spout Trainer Toddler Cup

This cup is one of our personal favorites for babies and older toddlers. It is easy for older babies and toddlers to understand using, cute and colorful designs, has a soft spout but isn’t as easily wrecked by teeth as other options, and is easy to wash.

This option is a great one for babies who are ready to use a sippy cup. The handles make it easy to grasp and use and the design is perfect for babies who are learning to use a cup on their own.

These are made out of hard plastic and easy to wash in the dishwasher. They come with three different pieces. A hard plastic base, a hard plastic top cover with silicone spout, and a valve that goes inside.

We love that the valve fits in snugly. This ensures that it doesn’t come out or cause leaks like some of the other cups we’ve used.

When washing this cup we rarely take the bottom valve on and off (although we will once in a while to ensure there is no mold growing) because it is hard to get it back on once it is off.

One of the biggest problems with this cup is that they have two handles on each side which help baby hold it easier but makes it not fit in cup holders. It also is a bit smaller in capacity than some of the other cups so if you’re looking for something that holds a lot of liquid you may want to pick another cup.

First Years Soft Spout Sippy Cup


  • Shape and design makes it perfect for babies that are ready to start using a sippy cup
  • Handles make it easy for baby to hold
  • Top silicone spout is durable and holds up well to teeth
  • over and base are hard plastic that fit well together to prevent leaks
  • Comes in cute designs and colors
  • Budget friendly


  • Handles on each side prevent it from fitting in most cup holders
  • Doesn’t hold as much liquid as other cups
  • If you take all three pieces apart to wash it every time it is difficult to put back together

5. Munchkin Miracle 360 Cups

These sippy cups are the perfect way to get children to learn to drink from open cups. They are an awesome transition cup for this as there is no spout. The rounded top cover is silicone and children tip it up and suck from any side to make the liquid come out.

We have a few of these cups and love them for our older babies. They come in different options including with handles and without handles. The cups with handles are easier for babies and younger toddlers to grasp and hold onto while drinking. The cup without handles is better for older toddlers.

They come in multiple bright colors and have three pieces. They include a plastic base, a plastic top with holes in it, and a silicone ring that snaps into the plastic spin-on top.

They are easy to take apart and put back together. You do need to make sure all of the sides are pushed down in the silicone ring when putting it back together to prevent it from spilling.

These are a great option but mostly for younger babies in my opinion. My toddlers have figured out how to pull the top silicone slightly out of the middle which makes them leak like crazy. Older toddlers who throw things off high chairs can also cause this cup to leak if thrown when landing on a hard surface.

In my opinion, this is an awesome cup for younger babies but isn’t completely spill proof for older children. That is why it is further down on our list than some of the other options. We love all of the other awesome features and the no-spout top is great.

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup


  • Unique 360 degree silicone top allows children to drink from anywhere on the top of the cup
  • Great trainer cup for transitioning to an open cup
  • Three pieces are easy to take apart and clean and put back together
  • Comes in two options – with handles and without
  • Great for younger babies
  • Comes in multiple bright colors
  • Budget friendly


  • Can spill if thrown onto a hard surface
  • Can spill if older children figure out how to pull the edge off of the silicone
  • Handles make it difficult to fit in cupholders

6. Nuby No Spill Sippy Cup with Flex Straw

The Nuby no spill sippy cups come with a plastic colorful base that is easy to grip, a hard cover, and a silicone spout insert with a silicone straw. These cups are super easy for a baby to hold onto, the straw is a great transition to using bigger kid water bottles, and these hold a good amount of liquid.

We’ve used the spout version of these cups as well as the straw version. We did like these cups a lot and found that they don’t leak at all.  They come in many different bright colors, and are very durable.

However, our biggest complaint about these cups is that they are hard to wash. You have to take apart all of the pieces, keep track of the straw (which is hard in this house), and then put them back together. If you don’t get the silicone spout piece lined up exactly correct they will leak or even pour out when your child tries to drink from them.

Because of this we ultimately chose different sippy cups. However, when we had the patience to really wash all the pieces and line them up to put them back together they worked great and our kids loved using them.


  • Easy to grip
  • No leaks
  • Straw cup easy to use
  • Silicone straw soft and durable
  • Comes in lots of bright colors
  • Holds a good amount of liquid


  • Straw design may make suction difficult
  • Silicone straw area is difficult to put back together after washing
  • Lots of different parts

Additional Toddler Sippy Cup Options

As a Mom of three we’ve gone through tons of different sippy cups to find our favorites. Here are some of the options that we’ve also purchased and why we like and didn’t like them:

  • Munchkin Click-lock bite proof sippy cups: These were very good as far as spill proof goes and made of hard durable plastic. Our biggest issue was that both my babies and toddlers found them hard to drink through. They had to use a ton of suction (I even tried myself and found them difficult). We’ve tried both the straw and spout tops and had the same finding.
  • The First Years Take and Toss sippy cups: These are a great inexpensive option but are not spill proof. We buy these to have at grandparent’s house, to take with us on vacations, or for a great option that can be reused or tossed. They do leak and will spill liquid if tipped over. The spouts can also be easily warped by biting so it is a short term option for us. We love that they can just be tossed if needed.
  • Nuby No-Spill Silicone sippy cups: These cups are a good no spill option if put together right. We have a few of these and like the soft spout and easy to grab handles. They are hard to take apart and put back together right. The seals let water out if not put back together and this causes spills. The spout can also get wrecked over time by biting so these didn’t last us very long.
  • Nuk Learner Cup: These sippy cups are a great transition cups for babies and younger toddlers. We’ve used this one and were happy with it for a temporary transition cup. The soft spout didn’t last long with my little one’s teeth so they weren’t great long term options for cups. They do have handles for baby to hold which was nice but the handles are a separate spin on piece and we found them hard to open and close.

Sippy Cup Review for Toddler and Babies

What is the Best Leak Proof Sippy Cup?

The Best Overall Leak Proof Sippy Cup is the Replay Spill Proof Sippy Cup. It is super low budget, made of recycled materials, has a small amount of easy to put together pieces, and comes in tons of colors.

Some of our other favorite spill-proof sippy cups for toddlers and babies include:

  • Best easy grip sippy cup: Nuk fun grip hard spout sippy cup
  • Best stainless steel sippy cup/water bottle: Thermos Funtainer straw bottle
  • Best sippy transition cup for younger toddlers and babies: The First Years soft spout trainer toddler cup
  • Best no spout sippy cup: Munchkin Miracle 360 cups
  • Best straw sippy cup: Nuby no spill sippy cup with flex straw

Overall what works best for one family may be different than what works best for another family. Some children may not like the hard vs soft spout sippy cups, suction on sippy cups is all different, some families may prefer a certain type of cup for washing, budgets are different, etc…

This is the perfect sippy cup review to help guide you to what you think may work best for your family. Be sure to share in the comments below which sippy cup you found works best for your family.

Best No Spill Sippy Cups for Babies and Toddlers

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