125 Great Show and Tell Letter W Item Ideas

Feb 17, 2024

If you’re in search of a great list of show and tell letter W item ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and grade school show and tell you are in the right place. This list of 125 exciting letter W show and tell ideas has item ideas for foods, movies, books, games, household items, characters, animals, and more that start with the letter W.

*If you’re looking for a list of show and tell items that includes all of the different letters of the alphabet head on over to this long list of show and tell a-z item ideas.

Item Ideas for Show and Tell Letter W

Show and Tell Tips From a Kindergarten Teacher

*Only send in items for school show and tell that your child is able to carry independently. This makes it easier to transfer the item to and from school. It is even better if your child’s item can fit in their backpack or a small bag.

*Have your child practice sharing their item at home before they bring it in to share. Some common things to practice or share about their item would be why they like their item, what it is, why their item is special, where they got their item, and more. This will help build their confidence when it comes time to share.

*Be sure to send in an item that is grade level and school appropriate. What is appropriate for a kindergartner may be diffierent than what a 5th grader may share. If you are unsure if an item is appropriate check with your child’s teacher ahead of time.

*Do not send in any items that are breakable or valuable. Young children can lose or break items easily. If your child wants to bring in an item and you do not want it broken or lost you can always send in a photo of the item instead. 

Items that Start with W for Show and Tell

Show and Tell Letter W Item List

  • Wagon toy

  • Water toy

  • Whale (toy, book, stuffed animal, photo)

  • Wallet

  • Water bottle

  • Wig

  • Wand

  • Waffles

  • Water balloon

  • Wedding (photo, costume)

  • Watermelon

  • Wii Game/controller

  • Wizard (costume, movie, book)

  • Watch

  • Wolf (toy, book, stuffed animal, photo)

  • Winnie the Pooh (toy, stuffed animal, show, book, photo, Tonie)

  • Wonder Woman

  • Wish – movie (toy, doll, movie, book, Tonie)

  • Where the Wild Things Are (book)

  • Walrus (toy, book, stuffed animal, photo)

  • Wheat Thins

  • Wings (costume)

  • Wet brush

  • Wind-up toy

  • Whiffle Ball

  • Woodpecker

  • Wooden spoon

  • Whistle

  • Waffle Cone

  • Wind chimes

  • Wipes (baby wipes)

  • Wreck it Ralph (movie, book, toy)

  • Woody – Toy Story movie )stuffed toy, action figure, book)

  • Wheel

  • Witch (costume, movie, book)

  • Weather

  • Walkie talkies

  • Washcloth

  • Wikki Stix

  • Wood blocks/toy

  • Web 

  • Whisk

  • Whoppers (candy)

  • Wonka Bar (candy)

  • White chocolate

  • Whipped cream

  • Walnut

  • Watercolor paint

  • Wheelbarrow (toy)

  • Wheat bread

  • Window

  • Wire

  • Winter (photo, book, clothing)

  • Wool clothing

  • Wet suit

  • Washington (map, photo, postcard, clothing)

  • West Virginia (map, photo, postcard, clothing

  • Wisconsin (map, postcard, photo, clothing)

  • Wyoming (map, phostcard, photo, clothing)

  • Wisconsin Badgers sports gear

  • Wrench

  • Worm (photo, book, pet)

  • Weasel (photo, book, stuffed animal)

  • Wasp (photo, book)

  • Wemberly Worried book

  • Wild Rice

  • White Rice

  • Writing (notebook page, card, etc…)

  • Watering can

  • Weeds

  • Wild Kratts (show, photo, Tonie, book)

  • We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (book, Tonie)

  • White Noise machine/Tonie

  • Word Party Tonie

  • Wireless headphones

  • Wafer cookies

  • Waffle knit shirt

  • Warmies stuffed animals

  • Washi tape

  • Washable markers

  • Wayside school books

  • Weighted blanket

  • Welch’s fruit snacks

  • Werthers hard candy

  • Western toy/costume

  • White board/markers

  • Wicker basket

  • Wiener Dog (photo, pet, book)

  • Wildflowers (seeds)

  • Wimpy Kid book series

  • Wizard of Oz (movie, book, toy)

  • Wobble Board

  • Wonky Donkey book

  • Word Search (book, worksheet)

  • Worksheet

  • Would you Rather books/card games

  • Wrapping paper

  • Wall-e (movie, photo, book)

  • Water Wow books

  • Weaving loom kit

  • Whoopie cushion

  • Wheres Waldo books

  • Wocket in my Pocket (Dr. Seuss book)

  • Wubble Bubble ball

  • Writing table/board

  • Waterloo sparkling water

  • Whole milk

  • The Watermelon Seed book

  • Wacky Wednesday book

  • Wolf Shark (toy, photo, book, stuffed animal)

  • Wreath

  • Wax candle

  • Wrapper

  • World (globe)

  • Wellies

  • Weights

  • Winter coat

  • Wedge boots

  • Whoopie Pie

  • Wagon wheel noodles

  • Waterfall (vaction photo)

  • Washington Wizards Basketball Gear

  • Washington Commanders Football Gear

  • Windbreaker pants/clothing

  • Work gloves/boots

  • Wrestling (uniform, trophy, photo)

Letter W Show and Tell Items

If there is a show and tell letter W item that you’ve thought of but you are unsure if it is school appropriate you can always check with your teacher first. They can also help with the logisitics of bringing in certain items that may be too large or difficult to bring in.

A food item may also make a great item to bring in for show and tell. If you want to bring in enough to share with the whole class be sure to double check if there are any allergies or school rules about food.

Photos make a great alternative to items that are too big to bring in, items that are valuable, breakable, or difficult to bring in due to logisitics.

Photos of people who’s name starts with W would be great options. Some common names that start with W are Weston, William, Walter, Wyatt, Winnie, Willow, Wade, Whitney, Wren, Wade, Wesley.

If you have any other letter W show and tell item ideas feel free to add them in the comments below.



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