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12 Awesome Diaper Caddy Essentials

When you need to change a baby’s diaper it is important that you have all of the essential items nearby and close in case of any messes or emergencies that need attending to fast. This list of 12 must-have diaper caddy essentials ensures that you are prepared and ready when you need to change a diaper fast.

Scroll down for the most important items to put in a diaper caddy. It includes everything from diapers to items to help distract your baby while they are getting their diaper changed.

As a Mom of three children ages five and under we’ve changed a lot of diapers and perfected our diaper changing caddy and area. These are our favorite tried and true items.

These items are not all necessary and you may feel the need to add additional items or skip some of the items in your caddy. All families are different so do what works best for you and use this list as a guide when creating yours.

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12 Diaper Caddy Essentials Pin
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12 Must Have Diaper Caddy Essentials

1. Diapers

The first and most important item to have in a diaper caddy is diapers. There are tons of different brands at different price points that work great for families. You may choose reusable or disposable but find one that works best for your family and always be sure to stock lots in your caddy.

How many diapers should we keep in our diaper caddy?

Anywhere from 5-20 diapers would be ideally stocked in a caddy at a time. Occasionally newborns go through a few diapers in a matter of a few minutes. You may place a diaper underneath while changing and your baby may end up getting that one dirty in the process.

They may also go right after changing. We like to always try to keep at least 5 diapers in our diaper caddy at all times in case of these instances. That way we are always prepared. Any more than 20 gets to be a lot and not much else fits in a caddy.

*For a list of our favorite leak-free diapers to include in your diaper caddy be sure to also check out this list of the 5 best diapers for blowouts.

2. Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes are another essential to have in your diaper caddy. Always keep an open package of wipes and possibly even an extra (you don’t want to run out at a bad time). Wipes work perfectly for blowouts as well as other messes. Just like diapers, there are many options for wipes at many different price points. Our favorites are Babyganics and Hello Bello wipes.

3. Portable Changing Pad

If you’re like me you may not always want to go upstairs or into another room to change your baby. A portable changing pad is a perfect solution to keep in your diaper caddy and pull out wherever your baby needs changing. It prevents messes from getting on the carpet, floor, or anywhere you choose to change your baby. It also makes the surface softer if needed. 

4. Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is essential in a diaper caddy. If your baby has a sore bottom it is a go-to to help your baby feel better. It also works great to prevent any future problems from arising as well. Our pediatrician recommended Triple Paste or Boudreauexs Butt Paste so we keep both in our diaper caddy and use when needed.

5. Bum Brush

This item is on my husband’s must-have diaper-changing list. A bum brush is a silicone brush that helps to apply diaper cream without having to get it all over your hands. It helps get it into spots that are harder to get to with hands and spreads it easily on your baby without bothering an already sore area. Bum brushes work with all different types of diaper cream and are the perfect no-mess solution. 

6. Baby Lotions/Creams

A diaper change is one of the best times to apply baby lotion. Our little one has sensitive skin and we like to apply eczema cream to his rashes often. Many times these spots are hidden under bulky clothing during the day. So we find the best times to apply lotions are during diaper changes. 

7. Baby First Aid Kit

We keep our baby’s first aid kit in the diaper caddy so it is close by if needed during those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Rectal thermometers and nail clippers are both common items to find in a baby first aid kit that you may end up needing to use during diaper changes.

8. Vaseline

This is essential during the first few weeks especially. As a first-time boy Mom, I had no idea that this would be needed to help things heal with a newborn. It was great to have a tub of this nearby for this. It is also great for diaper rash, cracked skin, and more so it is great to keep around.

9. Plastic Bags

These are not a necessity but are great to have around just in case. Plastic bags are great for wet or soiled clothes or to stick dirty diapers in to prevent them from smelling as much. They even sell specific plastic bags just for dirty diapers. 

10. Extra clothes or Pajamas

It is always a great idea to keep an extra pair of clothes and an extra pair of PJs in a diaper caddy. This way you have one close by for blowouts and middle-of-the-night accidents.

11. Baby Toy and/or Teether

To keep older babies’ hands busy while changing their diapers it is a great idea to put in a teether or small baby toy for your little one. A favorite toy that you know will occupy your baby but doesn’t take up a lot of space in the diaper caddy is a great idea.  We love the toys/teethers below as they are easy for our little one to hold on to. We try to use this specific toy only for diaper changes so it doesn’t lose its novelty

12. Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer is a must-have in a baby caddy. After changing your baby’s diaper you can quickly grab a pump of sanitizer and be off on your way doing whatever is desired next. This way you don’t have to run and wash your hands  (and put your baby down in the process) unless you have an extra messy diaper that needs changing. 

Is a Diaper Caddy Necessary?

Diaper caddies are not necessary as you may find another way you like to store your baby’s stuff. However, as a Mom of three, I use a diaper caddy daily and think it is super helpful to have. I would highly recommend a diaper caddy to make the middle-of-the-night diaper changes easier and to keep all of your essential diaper-changing supplies in one space. 

What to Put in a Diaper Caddy
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*Additional items that would work well in a diaper caddy include a nasal aspirator and saline drops, a rectal thermometer, a wipe warmer (if you feel it is necessary to use one), small hair ties, and more.

The above list of must have diaper caddy essentials is great for first-time moms as well as seasoned parents. These items would be great items to add to a baby registry. Head over here for another list of additional items to add to a baby registry. If you have any additional diaper caddy tips be sure to share them in the comments with us below.

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