Handprint Snowflake Craft for Kids

Winter Handprint Snowflake Craft Keepsake for Kids

This super fun handprint snowflake craft is the perfect winter craft for babies, toddlers, and more.  It is mess-free, easy to make, and so beautiful.

To make this handprint snowflake keepsake craft you will need blue and white paper, glue, scissors, and glitter glue.

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Handprint Snowflake Craft Keepsake

Tips to make A Handprint Snowflake Craft Keepsake

*For this craft, you will need glitter glue. However, if glitter glue is unavailable you can also use a glue bottle and glitter. Just draw all of the needed lines with liquid glue and sprinkle with glitter once finished.

*For this craft, we traced hands on white construction paper to make it less messy. You can also choose to paint hands with safe and washable white paint and then stamp them down on paper. This will create more defined handprints but be a little messier.

*This snowflake craft makes the perfect craft for babies. You can trace their hands together (they may love the feeling) and then finish the craft for them. You can also choose to do this craft with older children.

*If doing this craft with older children you can have them trace their own hands, cut them out, and do the rest of the steps to finish the craft on their own.

*To make the tracing hands easier and quicker you can also choose to trace your baby’s handprint on white paper once and fold it or layer it on top of 5 other pieces. Then you just need to cut the paper stack out and you will have 6 handprints instead of tracing and cutting out 6 individually.

Baby Handprint Craft

Easy Handprint Snowflake Craft for Kids


  • White Construction Paper
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter glue


1. Trace your child’s hand onto white construction paper six times.

2. Cut out all of the handprints.

Snowflake Handprint Craft Directions

3. Glue the handprints down in a circle shape being sure to overlap each pinkie and thumb ever so slightly.

Snowflake Handprint Craft Glitter Glue

4. Starting with the middle finger on each handprint draw a glitter glue line straight down to the middle.

5. Draw additional lines of glitter glue connecting each finger to the middle line running down the hand to make the tendrils of the snowflake.

6. Cut the whole thing out by cutting around the outside of the snowflake figure. Leave about 1/2 inch of blue all around it.

Winter Handprint Snowflake Keepsake Craft

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