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Thanksgiving Footprint Art with Free Poem PDF

This Thanksgiving footprint art project is the perfect Thanksgiving keepsake craft. It is excellent for infants up to elementary age and makes a great gift for families, parents, and others that are special in a child’s life.

Children will love making this craft as most love to get messy and paint on things aside from paper. Hand and footprint crafts are very popular in our home and my kids constantly beg for me to paint their hands.

This craft uses both handprints and a footprint to create a fun handprint turkey craft that will help you remember how big or small your little one’s hands and feet are when you look back at it each year. There is also a fun poem to go along with this craft.

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft for Kids

Tips for Success

* This craft is best done on cardstock or another thicker paper. We’ve also had good luck doing this craft on a paper plate.

*Have little ones cut out and glue their turkeys to another sheet of paper, laminate them, or paint over the top with a finishing item like Mod Podge to make them last longer.

*You can choose to wait between handprints and footprints in order to make sure the colors don’t smear together. You can also do each layer one after another without waiting for them to dry. The colors may smear together a little this way if you use a lot of paint on each hand but they will still look great.

*Add details like a beak, waddle, and eyes made out of construction paper or you can draw them on with a permanent marker once your craft is finished. and dry.

Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Craft for Infants

Thanksgiving Footprint Art


  • Washable paint in multiple colors (yellow, red, orange, and brown are our colors of choice)
  • Paintbrush
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Attached poem (optional)


1. Using a paintbrush paint your little one’s hands with yellow paint. Push your little one’s hands down on a piece of cardstock paper.

2. Repeat this process with orange and red paint and any other colors desired for turkey feathers. When you push your little one’s hands down make sure to overlap the handprints so that the fingers go in between the other fingers. You can also switch hands once during the process to make the thumbprints face different ways.

3. Paint your little one’s foot brown and place it so that the heel is in the middle of the palms of the handprints and the toes are facing downwards on the paper and push it down.

4. Cut out a small orange triangle and a small red squiggly line for the beak and the waddle and glue them down onto the middle of the heel once the paint has dried.

5. Using a black marker add dots for the turkey’s eyes.

6. Cut out your project with a small white background.

7. Glue your project and the attached poem template to a piece of cardstock if desired.

Turkey Footprint Art Keepsake for Kids

This craft makes a great Thanksgiving keepsake. For other fun thanksgiving turkey themed crafts be sure to check out this turkey puppet for kids. You can also find some Christmas-themed handprint crafts here as well.

Footprint Turkey Poem PDF

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