12 Fun Winter Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers

12 Fun Winter Sensory Bins for Preschoolers

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your little ones engaged, learning, and busy this Winter. Included below is a list of 12 fun winter sensory bins that will help occupy your little ones during the long cold winters.

Sensory bin ideas that are included below range from snowy sensory bins, to arctic animal sensory bins, book-themed winter sensory bins, and more.

Many of these sensory bins you will already have the necessary items on hand and around the house so you shouldn’t have to go out and buy extra supplies for some of them which is a bonus when it is cold and showy out.

For other fun sensory bin ideas be sure to also check out these spring themed sensory bins as well.

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12 Fun Winter Themed Sensory Bin Ideas for Kids

Winter Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers

1. “The Mitten” themed sensory bin

This adorable book themed sensory bin goes with the classic children’s book “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. It includes a free Mitten themed template, uses a colored pasta sensory filler base, and includes other snowy or wintery themed items to make a fun storytelling sensory bin. It is easy to throw together and great for learning sequencing and retelling skills.

The Mitten Winter Sensory Bin

2. Arctic Sensory Bin

This arctic animal sensory bin from Little Ladoo uses styrofoam, colored water, plastic arctic animal figurines, and more to create a fun arctic scene. It uses lots of different sensory experiences to teach all about arctic animals and their habitat. Children will love splashing, playing, and exploring this fun arctic sensory bin.

arctic sensory bin for kids

3. Snowman Winter Sensory Bin

This fun and easy to throw together winter snowman sensory bin uses all things snow themed to make the perfect snowy sensory bin for preschoolers and toddlers. Using white rice, cotton balls, wooden snowman figures, and more, create a fun sensory bin that is perfect for making pretend snowmen, scooping and pouring. Head on over to Simplyfullofdelight for directions.

Snowman Sensory Bin

4. Winter Ice Castle Sensory Bin

This winter ice castle sensory bin by littlebinsforlittlehands includes directions to make a fun sensory bin from kinetic sand and blocks. Make a fun winter ice castle or igloo with this sensory bin and head over to check out the free printable on the benefits of sensory play.

Winter activity photos

5. Snow Dough Sensory Bin

This fun Snow Dough Sensory Bin from Two Pink Peonies includes a recipe to make snow dough. Using cornstarch and baby oil, make cornstarch, add it to a bin with a few snowman themed items like carrot noses, buttons, and fabric for a scarf and you have the most fun snowman dough themed sensory play activity.

Snow Dough Sensory Bin

6. Hot Cocoa Sensory Bin

This super fun hot cocoa themed sensory bin is the perfect Winter themed sensory bin for a cold day. Using chocolate cereal, marshmallows, candy canes, and more, kids will love pretending to make their own hot chocolate. Print out the free recipe cards to help little ones practice direction reading and number recognition while playing as well.

Hot cocoa sensory bin

7. Baking Soda Snow Sensory Garden Tray

This fun sensory garden tray uses nature based items found outside like sticks and pine needles, to make a fun snowy garden/winter tree themed sensory play scene. Using baking soda as the snow base, kids will love playing with this winter scene over and over. Head over to barleyandbirch for more directions.

Winter Garden Sensory Bin

8. Snow and Ice Rainbow Sensory Bin

This super fun winter sensory bin by lifeovercs uses snow and rainbow ice to create a fun and inexpensive rainbow sensory bin.  Children will be able to practice and learn colors and color mixing skills while feeling the different temperatures and learning about the properties of melting ice and snow.

snow and rainbow ice sensory play

9. Construction Winter Sensory Bin

This super fun construction themed winter sensory bin uses a snow base, letters, and construction vehicles. It practices letter recognition skills, allows for pretend snowplow play, and children will love the tactile feel of the baking soda and conditioner sensory snow. Head over to themindfultoddler for directions to create this winter snowplow sensory play.

Construction Winter Sensory Bin

10. Arctic Ice Igloo Sensory Bin Play

This awesome tutorial on how to make ice igloos for sensory play by Simplyfullofdelight is a great way to get in some sensory play this winter. Head over to learn how to make igloos from ice and containers, pair them with arctic animals, and some droppers with warm water for a fun and engaging winter sensory play idea.

arctic ice sensory bin

11. Polar Bear Sensory Play

This sensory bin uses foam beads, pom poms, and gems to look like snow and ice. Add in some polar bears and it makes a great winter sensory pretend play bin. Learn all about arctic animals while exploring different textures. Head over to livinglifeandlearning for more directions on how to create this fun polar bear sensory play.

Polar Bear Senosry Bin

12. Simple Snowy Sensory Play

This super easy to make sensory bin uses real snow and whatever plastic toys and scoops you have around the house for some fun snowy play indoors. Grab fresh snow from outside, put it in a pan or bin, put a towel underneath, and add scoops and plastic toys for hours of fun without having to go out in the cold. The perfect snowy winter sensory play idea!

Indoor Snowman

For some of these activities, you can use materials found around the house. Some need basic craft materials that you can buy at a craft store or Dollar Tree. For others, you can find plastic arctic animals, cotton balls, white sensory bases like rice, beans, and more, at a local store or online below.

Additional Winter Activities and Crafts for Kids

Are you in need of additional winter themed activities for kids? Check out some of the fun winter themed arts and crafts activities below that you can find on the blog.

  • These arctic animal crafts use a fork and acrylic paints to make fun arctic ox, snow rabbit, polar bear crafts and more. Includes free templates as well.
  • This ice skating craft for kids makes the perfect hanging ornament for a Christmas tree or a fun ice skating themed craft for kids.
  • These cool salt painted snowflakes use salt and liquid glue to make a fun and sparkly snow themed craft for kids.

Winter Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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