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3D Smores Craft for Kids

This 3D Smores craft is perfect for a unit of learning about camping, a fun craft to pair with a sweet treat, or an easy fall or summer craft for a rainy day. It is a great craft for children of all ages and super simple to make.

For this s’more craft, you will need only a few materials that you most likely already have around the house. You will need black, brown, and white construction paper or cardstock, a glue stick, and a marker or crayon.

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3D paper smores craft for kids

Tips for Success

*To help little ones with this S’mores project you can prep the pieces that you will need ahead of time. You will need to cut out two large brown squares with rounded edges, one smaller black rectangle for the chocolate, and one longer white rectangle for the marshmallow.

*When creating the graham crackers for this project you can use a marker to draw dots, or add in a painting aspect and use the eraser of a pencil to paint on dots.

*This is a great project for accordion folding practice. You can accordion fold your white piece of paper (marshmallow) as many times as desired. We folded ours five times to create the marshmallow pictured in the photos. For more help with accordion folding check out the photo below to see a side view of the finished project.

*To add an extra layer of cuteness to your project you an also add googly eyes to the top of the graham crackers or to the middle of the marshmallows.

3D Smores craft side view

This craft makes the perfect craft for imaginative play once completed. Simply add in a campfire made of sticks, a play tent, plates, sticks to “roast marshmallows” with, and more to turn it into the perfect camping play area.

3D Smores Craft for Kids Directions


  • Brown, White, and Black construction paper or cardstock
  • Marker or crayon
  • Glue stick


1. Cut out and prep two brown squares with rounded edges for the graham crackers. Using a black marker, pen, or crayon dot all around the squares to make the pattern on the graham crackers.

2. Cut out a long rectangle about the width of the squares from white paper. Make large accordion folds until your paper is folded completely.

3. Glue down one side of the white paper onto the inside of the graham cracker.

3. Cut out a smaller rectangle about the width of the brown paper from black paper. Fold this paper in half so that each half is about the size of one accordion fold on the white paper. Glue one side of the black paper to the white paper.

4. Glue the other side of the black paper to the inside of the other graham cracker.

5. Play, explore, and pretend with your finished smores.

Camping themed smores craft

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