DIY Grinch Placemat Craft for Kids

Festive DIY Grinch Placemat Craft for Kids

This festive and easy DIY Grinch placemat craft for kids is super simple to throw together and would make the perfect Grinch themed craft for a family movie night.

To make this Grinch Stole Christmas craft you will need construction paper, a glue stick, scissors, and a marker. You will also need a child’s sized bowl, fork, spoon, and knife to use as tracers.

This Grinch Christmas craft makes for the perfect holiday decoration to adorn the table for Christmas dinner. You can make it together as a family activity or have your children make them for everyone who will be there. It makes the perfect holiday craft for kids ages three and up.

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The Grinch Stole Christmas Placemat Craft for Kids Pin

DIY Grinch Placemat Tips for Success

*You can make the parts of the placemat one of two ways. The first way includes printing off a free placemat template on green paper and cutting the pieces out. Our favorite can be found at Childhood101.

The other way to make your placemat base is to trace a child sized plate, fork, spoon, and kinfe onto green paper and cut them out. For younger children you may need to help or do this part for them.

*This Grinch placemat makes the perfect craft for a Grinch themed party. Make it at home before watching the movie with a group. Add in tasty Grinch themed snacks or treats, Grinch holiday pajamas, and more for a fun and festive Grinch party night.

Grinch Placemat Christmas Table

DIY Grinch Christmas Placemat for Kids


  • Green, white, red, and yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers or crayons


1. Print and cut out the pieces from a placemat template onto green construction paper OR trace and cut out a kid’s sized plastic plate, spoon, fork and butter kinfe onto green construction paper.

2. Glue them from left to right onto a piece of white 9×12″ construction paper in this order: fork, plate, knife, spoon.

Grinch Placemat Craft for Kids

3. Cut out a large red Santa hat shape and glue it to the top of the green circle head.

4. Cut out the white long cloud shape for the fur on the bottom of the Santa hat and glue it on.

5. Cut out a round white cloud shape and glue to the top of the hat for the fur ball pom pom at the end.

Grinch Placemat Cutting Craft with Hat

6. Cut out two rounded triangular eyes and glue them to the middle of the green head.

7. Using a marker draw on the mouth, nose, insides of the eyes, and eyebrows.

8. Cut out a small red heart and glue to the bottom right of the placemat for the Grinch’s heart to complete your DIY Grinch placemat.

Festive DIY Grinch Placemat Craft for Kids Pin

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