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DIY Bow Holder

Oct 1, 2021

This DIY bow holder is so simple and the perfect addition to your child or baby’s nursery or bedroom. It is made with two (or three) simple items and can be made by anyone.

This bow holder DIY gives directions on how to make the cutest hairbow holder. It will only take 30 minutes tops from start to finish and is super simple to hang up. It looks almost like a macrame hairbow holder and is the perfect decoration to add to a girl’s room or nursery.

We have a bow obsession at our house. I have two daughters and both need hair bows or headbands to match every outfit. We have so many different colored hair bows and headbands and we needed a storage solution for them.

We love to organize our hairbows by color on this DIY hair bow organizer. It helps to add a pop of color to our girl’s room and looks great hanging on the wall. Scroll down for directions on how to make the most adorable hanging bow holder.

DIY Bow Organizer

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Our absolute favorite spot to purchase hairbows from is Knots for Tots Boutique. If you haven’t checked them out click the link above to head over to their page. Their bows are so inexpensive and such amazing quality. They have so many fun patterns and designs and we love them so much! You can use the code “Rachael” for 10% off your order.

DIY Bow Holder Knots

I didn’t add exact measurements to the directions as you can make your bow organizer the size that you desire. You may have an extensive bow collection and may need a much larger holder than this one. You can make it larger by using a larger wooden dowel and more yarn. 

DIY Bow Holder

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  • Wooden dowel (photographed one is roughly 12″)
  • Thicker ball of yarn of choice
  • Acrylic paint (optional)


  1.  If desired, paint your wooden dowel a color of choice and let dry. 
  2. Cut lengths of rope about 48″ long. Layer two of them on top of each other and fold them in half. 
  3. Leaving about an inch of space on one side of the dowel, attach your first two pieces of the layered yarn with a lark’s head knot. 
  4. Continue doing this process down the dowel until you have about an inch of space remaining on the other side. Make sure there is no empty space in between knots along the dowel. They should be touching. 
  5. Using craft scissors, cut the fabric into a V shape. To do this, start about two inches up from the bottom of the rope on one side and cut down towards the middle at a diagonal. Do this on the other side as well. 
  6. Add a piece of rope to hang by taking a doubled-up piece of rope and twisting it around itself. Tie onto each side of the dowel and cut the ends so you can’t see them anymore. 
DIY Bow Holder


Hi, I'm Rachael. I am a kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two sweet girls.
  1. Jean

    so cute! I remember making something similar like this before, keeps my hair ties organize

    • Rachael

      Thank you so much!

  2. Holly

    Excellent idea! We always have extra yarn, but I never thought to use it in this way. This is perfect!

    • Rachael

      Thank you so much! Yes, it is so easy and inexpensive. Extra yarn works great for this project!

  3. Alejandra

    This is such a cute and fun idea.

    • Rachael

      Thank you so much!


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