Apple Painting Stamping Craft for Kids

Apple Painting Craft for Kids

This apple painting craft for kids is a super simple activity that involves stamping with apples. It is an easy activity that can be done with children as young as 1 (with some assistance) all the way up to grade school age. 

For this activity you will need apples (1/2 of an apple for each color paint you plan on using), an apple coloring page (we used one of the ones found here), a scissors, paper plates, and acrylic paint in different colors. 

For the paint we chose to use the paint colors that you would find apples in (red, yellow, and green). Because of this we only needed 3 halves of apples. We did this project on the same day that we did the apple taste testing experiment so we didn’t have any food waste. We had 3 halves leftover so it worked out perfectly.

Apple Painting Craft for Kids

Before starting this activity you will need to get the apples prepped. In order to keep your hands from getting dirty and to make the apple stamping process easier you will need to cut the apples correctly.

Begin by cutting an apple in half from the top of the stem down. Be sure to make as even of a cut as possible. If your cut is too slanted or uneven the apple shape will not stamp correctly.

Next cut out both the left and right sides of the apple so you have a handle shape to hold onto when stamping. This will make the apple easier to hold and less slippery when stamping the apple shapes.

Apple Stamping Craft for Kids Collage

*If doing this activity with a toddler or preschooler you may want to tape the coloring paper down to the table. Occasionally the apple will stick to the paper if you do not do this.

Apple Painting Craft for Kindergarten

Stamping Apple Painting Craft for Kids


  • Apple coloring sheet
  • Acrylic paint (in desired colors)
  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Halved apples (see note for directions on how to cut the apples)


  1. Cut apples in half from the stem down. Try to make as even of a cut as possible. Cut both sides of the apples to create a handle-like area on the top of the apple half. 
  2. Pour a large pile of one color of paint on a paper plate. 
  3. Holding onto the “handle” of the apple half, stamp the bottom part of the apple into the pile of paint and cover the bottom completely. Rub any excess paint onto the paper plate. 
  4. Stamp the paint covered apple onto the apple coloring sheet. Repeat this process a few times.
  5. Repeat the whole process with new colors of paint and new apple halves until the apple coloring page is as filled as desired.
  6. Let dry and cut out along the lines.

Stamping with Apples Craft for Kids

For more fun apple themed activities be sure to also check out this apple taste testing activity for kids. Includes a free apple themed printable.

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    1. Yes, mine loved it. You definitely do have to watch the young ones close and use non-toxic paint. My one year old did try to eat it once but I caught her in time! But she was loving it!

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