Fork Painted Fireworks Craft for Kids Cover

Fork Painted Fireworks Patriotic Craft for Kids

This fork painted fireworks craft uses a plastic fork and different colors of acrylic paint (and optional glitter) to make a fun and festive craft that is perfect for the 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or simply learning about the USA.

This festive fork painted firework craft is perfect for kids of all ages starting as early as three and up. Craft fireworks can be customized with favorite colors of paint or made red, white, and blue to make them patriotic.

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Fork Painted Fireworks Craft Pin

Fork Painted Fireworks Craft Tips for Success

*For this project you should use red, white, and blue paint. If you desire sparkly fireworks you can just sprinkle glitter on top when the paint is still wet and it will stick.

*Dip the top end of the fork in paint and push it down on the paper (only use the tips). Do not drag or rock the fork while stamping the fork down or it will not look as much like a firework.

Patriotic Fork Painted Firework Craft

Fork Painted Fireworks Patriotic Craft for Kids


  • Plastic Fork
  • Acrylic Paint (Red white and blue if making patriotic)
  • Construction Paper
  • Glitter (optional)

Fork Painted Fireworks Craft Directions

  1. Squirt your colored paint out onto a paper plate into different piles based on the colors.
  2. Using one color at a time, dip the top end of the fork into the paint.
  3. Push the paint side of the fork onto the paper. Continue doing this with the same color of paint in a circular shape.
  4. Repeat this process with a different color of paint on top of the first stamped circle (to make a multi colored firework). Make sure to offset it just a bit.
  5. Continue to make fireworks until the paper is filled up.

4th of July Patriotic Fork Painted Fireworks Craft

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