Labor and Delivery Nurse Gifts

May 6, 2022

Labor and delivery nurse gifts are the perfect way to show your labor and delivery nurses some love and appreciation for all of the hard work they put into helping you and all the other Moms during birth.

Gifts for labor and delivery nurses are not a necessity but are a little something that you can do for nurses that goes a long way. With both of our girls, we did a little something different and both things were very appreciated by our nurses. Whether it is a homemade gift idea for nurses, a store bought gift, or a tasty restaurant treat they are super thankful either way. 

With our third baby on the way any day, I threw together some quick labor and delivery nurse gift bags and wanted to share with you the items we put in to show our appreciation. These nurse gifts are perfect as they’re covid friendly and can either be set at a nurses station or given as the nurses are in our room helping us.

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Labor and Delivery Nurse Gifts

Tips for success

*While choosing gift ideas for labor and delivery nurses that you like best think about what you would want during a busy day of work. Also, so you don’t have to make extra trips, choose what is in stock at the store and fits in small bags or would go good in a gift box.

You can choose to fill a large gift basket or box that can be set at the nurses station with goodies like chips, candy, snacks, chapstick, lotions, etc… This is great if you feel like you’ll have a lot of nurses or want to appreciate all of the nurses on staff instead of just the ones who care for you.

They also have some awesome pre-packaged snack boxes on Amazon that would be super simple and wouldn’t take any extra effort for a great nurse gift basket.

You can also choose to do individual labor nurse gift bags and hand them to the nurses or put them somewhere the nurses will see and can grab them. It is completely up to you which route you’ll take.

With our first, we knew ahead of time we were getting induced so we stopped on our way and picked up Panera bagels to put at the nurse’s station. With our second and third we didn’t know ahead of time so were prepared with gift bags to bring with us both times.

If you’re looking for other tips for pregnancy be sure to also check out this list of baby registry must-haves. These items will save you a lot of time and energy once the baby comes.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Gift Ideas

How many gift bags do you need to make for labor and delivery nurses?

As far as how many gifts for l&d nurses you will need there is no specific set number. It can depend on many things including the number of days you are in the hospital as well as the nurses you give them to. We made up 10 of these nurse gifts with our third child, were in the hospital for 2 nights, and used 9 of them giving one to every nurse who took care of us for a while.

Do you have to bring a gift for labor and delivery nurses?

Gifts are not necessary by any means when you go into labor. However, they are greatly appreciated and nurses love to receive them. It is entirely up to you and you do not need to feel like you need to bring one as many people do not. If money or time is tight, another great way to say thank you is with a handwritten thank you note for your nurses.

When do you give Labor and Delivery Nurse Gifts?

If gifting bags you can give the nurses their gifts at the end of a shift change (Ie the daytime nurses are going home) or when you leave the hospital. 

If creating a large gift basket you can bring it with you right when you come into l&d and have them set it at the nurse’s station right away. 

Labor and Delivery Nurse Gift Bags Pin

How to Make Gifts for Labor and Delivery Nurses

1. Purchase items similar to but not limited to: chapstick, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, mini lotion, individual bags of chips, trail mix bags, individually wrapped cracker bags, fun-size candy bars, packs of gum, powder drink mixes, mini Gatorade and water bottles, coffee mixes or pre-mixed coffee drinks, hair ties, and more.

2. Purchase small plastic bags from the party section of a store. 

3. Fill bags with one of each item purchased (you can choose to fill some with extra items from the nurses/drs who have cared extra for you if you desire). 

4. Print the free labor and delivery nurse tag template at the bottom of the page and fill out the from portion on the bottom with your last name. 

5. Cut tags out and punch a hole in the top of them.

6. String a tag onto a piece of ribbon, string, or a twist tie and seal each bag with a tag.

7. Bring nurses gift bags with you when you go to the hospital to deliver baby. You can set them at a nurses station (or ask for them to be set there) or you can keep them in your room and hand them to the nurses that help you along the way. 

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