Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

Jun 21, 2022

These chocolate peanut butter banana bites are the perfect easy sweet treat. They are a great way to cool off after a hot day and you don’t feel bad about eating a bunch. They can be made gluten- and dairy-free and covered in any fun toppings.

The best part about this snack is that it is the perfect snack for cooking with kids. Kids of all ages will love to help with the different steps of this treat. They can do everything from rolling the banana bites in the chocolate and peanut butter to sprinkling on the candy or toppings at the end. 

It is a great recipe to help kids practice scooping, pouring, and measuring skills as well as making the perfect easy snack for kids. 

For these banana bites you will need chocolate chips (dairy-free if needed), bananas, peanut butter, sprinkles, and any other candy toppings of choice.

They freeze well and are stored in the freezer so you can make a big batch of them and then stick them in a bag in the freezer. Then you can just grab one out of the freezer at a time when you need a sweet treat pick me up.


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Tips for Success

*For this recipe, try to use just right ripe bananas. You don’t want bananas that are too ripe or ones that are too hard. You can choose to use as few or as many bananas as desired. This will determine how many banana bites you have in the end.

*These can be made dairy free by using dairy-free chocolate chips. Our favorite brand is the Enjoy Life dairy-free chocolate chips. You should also be able to substitute any brand of chocolate chips in place of these.

*These should be popped in the freezer after each step when making them. This will make them much easier to cover with the peanut butter and chocolate and easier to eat once finished. It will be much messier if you skip this step.

*Some of our favorite toppings to roll these in once finished covering include: sprinkles, crushed peanuts, crushed m&ms, reeses pieces, peanut butter cups, and more.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Covered Bananas

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites

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Prep Time:

10 total minutes

Chill Time:  1 hour





  • 4 semi-ripe bananas
  • 1 1/2 cup chocolate chips
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • topping of choice (sprinkles, peanut butter cups, peanuts, m&ms, etc…)
  • sea salt


    1. Line a standard cookie sheet with wax paper.
    2. Unpeel bananas and cut them up into 1″ slices.
    3. Melt peanut butter in the microwave (about 30 seconds).
    4. Using a fork or spoon drop banana bites into the peanut butter and roll until covered all the way. Let excess peanut butter drip off and transfer to the cookie sheet. Repeat the process with all banana bites.
    5. Freeze peanut butter banana bites for 5-10 minutes while preparing the chocolate mixture.
    6. Melt chocolate chips & 1 tbsp peanut butter in 30-second increments in a glass bowl in the microwave until smooth.
    7. Using a fork or spoon drop peanut butter banana bites into the chocolate and roll around until completely covered. Let excess chocolate drip off and transfer to the cookie sheet.
    8. Sprinkle your topping of choice (IE sprinkles, peanut butter cups, crushed peanuts, m&ms, etc…) on top of the chocolate banana bites before the chocolate hardens. Repeat with all banana bites.
    9. Insert into the freezer for an hour or more.
    10. Remove and transfer to a plastic bag or serve.
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    For another fun and easy recipe to make with kids that involves peanut butter and chocolate be sure to also check out these homemade peanut butter cups



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