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12 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschool Girls

The holidays are around the corner and we are starting to build the Christmas lists at our house. My 4 and 2-year-old girls are getting ready by looking through Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other toy catalogs and circling everything that they want. To help we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for preschool and toddler girls.

As they go through, we are taking inventory and deciding what toys and games to add to our collection. At our house, we prefer toys that are battery-free and allow for curiosity and imagination to come out. We also love toys that allow kids to get their energy out and move around.

I’ve compiled a list of our favorite tried and true toys that have gotten a lot of use at our home, as well as games, activities, clothing items, and more that would make the best Christmas gifts for toddlers and preschoolers.

Scroll down if you are looking for a great list of Christmas ideas for toddler and preschool aged girls. These are things that are well-loved and/or used often by my girls. They are kid-tested and mother-approved!

If you are looking for a list of items to add to your own wish list or to get for a special Mom or lady in your life be sure to also check out this guide for gift ideas for Mothers.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschool Girls

1. Picasso Tiles

This is our number one gifted item for other families as well as an item we can never have too many of at our house. They provide endless entertainment and are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and even older children. They are open-ended and in our opinion one of the best toys for children. We have at least 3 sets and add them to our list every year so we can build larger and better structures.

2. Water Baby/Baby Dolls and Accessories

Baby dolls are the best in our house. My toddler and preschool girls tote them around everywhere with us. They bring them on walks, in the car, or simply play with them around the house. We recently purchased one of these water babies and were so happy with it. It allows them to bring their baby more places without having to worry about it getting wet or dirty. It comes in the bath, for walks, in the kiddie pool, and more now and then can just be washed right off!

3. Play Couch

Last year’s Christmas gift for the girls was a nugget play couch.  It gets played with daily and can be made into so many different configurations. From a fort to a jumping tower or landing pad, it is the perfect play item for large and gross motor play. If you find the nugget is a bit of a splurge there are a lot of other great options for play couches as well. The foamnasium Blocksy is similar as well as the Sam’s club play couch as well.

4. Play Kitchen

A play kitchen is the best item for toddlers or preschoolers if they don’t already have them. You can find great ones if you are on a budget or heavier-duty wooden ones that are great as well. They are the best for imaginative play and many come with different accessories and various play food to pretend with. 

5. Dress up clothes 

For little girls, you can never go wrong with dress-up clothes for pretend play. They have some awesome kits with multiple outfits, princess dresses and sets, and more. you can purchase them brand new or you can even get them from a resale store. You don’t need big and fancy, just fun clothing items for little ones to dress up and play in. If you plan ahead you can even get clearance Halloween costumes after Halloween is over and save some money this way.

6. Color Wonder Coloring Supplies

I will always include Color Wonder products in a list of must-haves. They are mess-free and the perfect addition to a car ride, quiet time, church activity, dr. office wait, and more. I love that the markers and colors only color on their special paper and kids love the fun images and things to color in. They have so many different character sets and items with many different colors and utensils.

7. Flower Garden Set

These flower garden sets are great STEM toys for toddlers and preschoolers and are very simple and inexpensive. You can get them with as few or as many pieces as you’d need. Little ones can build their own flower garden, bouquets, and flowers. Our girls absolutely love these and as simple as it seems it is a favorite toy that is played with often at our house.

8. An “Experience”

The gift of an experience is one of the best gifts you can give a toddler or preschooler who has everything already. You can gift an experience with a family member, a cousin, a friend, or simply a parent and me day. Some ideas for fun experience gifts include a zoo pass or trip, swimming/sports lessons, a ticket to the movies or a play, tickets to a trampoline park or indoor play area, a dinner date with a parent, and more.

These are some of our favorite gifts for our little ones to receive as parents as they don’t take up more storage, and the little ones get memories that last a lifetime. 

Gift of an Experience for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Photo Credit: Nikolahy Tchaouchev

9. Practical Gift

We love to gift things that our little one really needs. Things we’ve gifted during the holidays include new toothbrushes, pajamas, clothing in the next size up, socks, snow pants/snow gear, lunch boxes, pacifiers, fun snacks, and more.

10. Doodle Board/Drawing Toy

These are great toys for travel and quiet time activities. My preschooler uses it during quiet time in her room and stays occupied with it for long periods of time. This toy is a great idea for little ones who love to scribble and draw and can be paired with flashcards to practice writing and learning. Pair them with letter cards, number cards, shape cards, CVC word cards, and more to learn and practice anything needed.

11. Squishmallows, Sleeping Bag, and other “cozy” items

Comfort toys are great for young children who desire to be cozy and for helping to comfort children during times of big feelings/strong emotions as well as bedtime and nap time. Squishmallows are so soft and cozy and a favorite gift around our house. They can go with any theme or any favorites your children have at the time. Sleeping bags and large cozy blankets are also great for this.

12. Personalized Items

Some of our favorite all-time gifts have been personalized items. These tend to come at a bit of a steeper price but are often handmade or from local businesses. A few of our favorites have been water bottles with names engraved, headbands /hairbows with their names on them, and other fun keepsakes such as blankets, clothing items with fun sayings, and more personalized items.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Photo Credit: Olesia Buyar

While these are some of our favorite Holiday gift ideas for preschool and toddler girls, there are many other fun toy and gift ideas as well. Families often have holiday tradition gifts that they may get every year or things that suit their family’s needs best. Check out the list below for some additional ideas.

*A lot of people we know also gift fun holiday outfits or pajamas but we like to gift these before the holidays as then they can be used for the whole season instead of a day or two. These are great gift ideas if you celebrate “St. Nick’s” day as we do. 

  • Play doh & Kinetic Sand Sets         
  • Chocolate/Candy         
  • Dr. Kits
  • Block Sets       
  • Riding Toys      
  • Animal Figurines
  • Coloring Books           
  • Winter Boots       
  • Tent Building Kits
  • Climbing Toys
  • Clothing/Outfits
  • Movies     


  1. These are some interesting gift ideas for female toddlers. Hope you are coming with another blog showcasing gift ideas for male toddlers. Lol. Like the sleeping bag gift idea.

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